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We Deliver Economic Empowerment

Justànce Small Business Advisors strive to deliver economic empowerment to entrepreneurs, retailers, merchants, restaurant owners, and small business owners located in urban communities.  We truly understand the negative impact low credit scores can have on the ability to get approved for credit cards or access capital financing. Our team of certified professionals are trained to identify, adapt, and overcome most of the of challenges manifested by social and economic disadvantages.  Through strategic partnerships, we offer aspiring entrepreneurs, freelancers, veterans, and minority business owners the opportunity to redefine their chances for success by utilizing our government agency resources, advanced analytics, emerging technologies, business coaching, and credit building programs. 


STEP 1: Review
We conduct comprehensive assessments to help small business owners objectively evaluate their business needs, strengths, weaknesses, performance, and financial position from a fair, impartial, and unbiased point of view.   Once you complete your Business Needs Assessment, Justànce Advisors will be able to help you identify areas for growth and improvement, develop an action plan, and find the cost-effective resources to help you take your business to the next level.  Business Needs Assessment recommendations will include:

  • Small Business Assessment Evaluation Report
  • SBA 8(a) Small Business program eligibility
  • Financing, Leasing, and Credit Options
  • Strategic Business Planning options

STEP 2: Plan
Justànce Advisors will work in collaboration with your leadership team, CPA, attorney, tax accountant, payroll specialist, and other trusted advisers, to gather, review, and analyze your company's information, financial data, performance metrics, and business models.  During the planning phase of the Small Business Development Program, member of our business advisory team will meet with you to discuss the key points in the summary report, review detailed financial forecasts, and present the scenario-based goals, strategies, and solutions outlined in your Justànce Small Business Development Plan. 

Features available with your Justànce Small Business Development Plan:

  • SBA-approved format for Financial Reports, Budgets, Charts, Tables, and Forecasts
  • Industry benchmarks using real-data for profit, cash, and productivity metrics
  • What-If Analysis reports for multiple projects, cash flow, or financial scenarios
  • Snapshot comparisons against your competition and similar businesses
  • Professionally printed and bound plans available in multiple languages

STEP 3: Implement
During the final step of the Business Development Program, our team of business development professionals will guide and support the implementation and execution of your strategic plan.  A well-designed Business Development plan is like a compass for a new startup company, or a roadmap for success for an established company.  Based on the recommendations and solutions prepared by the Justànce advisiory team,  you will make decisions regarding key strategies, resources, and action plans in order to accomplish strategic objectives and goals.  The strategic formulation of business frameworks will guide the development of organizational policies, procedures, and management that focus on achieving specific goals and objectives.  Through periodic meetings, we will collaborate with you and your professional advisers, to monitor action plans, review strategies, and update milestones.

Additional Business Assessment Tools:

  • SBA Small Business Readiness Assessment
  • Competition Analysis Spreadsheet
  • Customer Analysis Spreadsheet
  • Business Valuation Worksheet
  • Financial Planning Worksheet
  • Internal Analysis Spreadsheet
  • Market Analysis Spreadsheet
  • Startup Expenses Worksheet
  • Business Model Worksheet
  • SWOT Analysis

Pro Bono Consulting Services

The Justànce Group is committed to improving  America's communities through business growth.  We provide Pro Bono consulting services for socially or economically disadvantaged retailers, merchants, restaurant entrepreneurs, and small business owners.   

Consulting Services

Strategic Planning

Information Technology

Information Technology


Develop comprehensive business plans, budgets, forecasts, cash flows, metrics, and financial reports

Information Technology

Information Technology

Information Technology


Innovative strategies for software engineering, network infrastructure, information security, and IT projects


Information Technology

Web Analytics


Discover ways to deliver customer service, reduce costs, drive sales, increase productivity, or improve processes

Web Analytics

Capital Finance

Web Analytics


Measure, collect, analyze, and report web data usage to optimize resources used for SEO, PPC, SEM, UX, Email, Social Media, online ads, and digital marketing

Capital Finance

Capital Finance

Capital Finance


Analyze debt, capital, and cash flow requirements to develop strategies for loan approval, capital financing, equipment leasing, and credit management 


Capital Finance

Capital Finance


Implement programs to define organizational culture, turnaround projects, business structure, policies, work environment, procedures, and resource allocation

Complimentary Small Business Assessment

Partner with Justànce Advisors to identify business needs, prioritize organizational goals, define business objectives, develop strategic plans, make informed business decisions, and obtain adequate financial capital.  Our team of licensed and certified professionals will guide you on the path of success to help your company increase revenue, cut costs, protect assets, or expand business operations to deliver on your goals.

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